What do you think will be the biggest shift in the type of work agencies and brands are producing in 5 years?

We are already seeing a massive shift in how we are developing and creating work but I think we are only at the cusp of this change. Known processes and ways of working will need to totally change and we will have to start thinking in very different ways. The biggest shift I think will be in how we use VR and AI. We are already seeing some examples of VR in advertising with the arrival of Oculus Rift but we have only scratched the surface. For example, people like Nonny de la Pena are pioneering VR’s use in journalism, I think it really will change the face of how we communicate in the future. 

Similarly, AI is also starting to trickle into projects, we have AI robots and now we are seeing AI websites. The Grid, a new publishing tool that builds website powered by AI, goes live in Spring next year and I am interested to see how this and other tools like it might change website development for agencies. 

How do you think agency models will need to change in order to accommodate this?

I think agencies will need to encourage their teams to start thinking more collaboratively and organically. We can’t be afraid of change and working in a more Agile, open way allows the flexibility to adapt to change. Agencies will need to adopt the ways of working from development teams and tech companies more and more as the work continues to grow in technical complexity. 

What’s the favourite piece of work you've been involved in?

To date it’s probably the Mercedes Sound with Power campaign. We produced an online music video mash-up tool and developed a bespoke system to convert the video into a format that played across platforms to deliver a beautifully synced experience. It also won us a few innovation and technology awards. 

What’s the piece of work you wish you had been involved in?

The Red Bull Stratos campaign.  I would have loved to have worked on that. 

What has been your experience of working with The Blueprint?

I have to say my experience has always been positive, I find The Blueprint professional, dedicated, knowledgeable and friendly! 

Away from the job, what are your passions?

I have to say sometimes my work and life do merge as I am genuinely passionate about my industry but alongside this I’m interested in reading, art & design, film, music, going out etc.