What do you think will be the biggest shift in the type of work agencies and brands are producing in 5 years?

It’s been happening for quite some time already but there is clearly a shift towards the provision of product, service and overall experience design. This will continue to evolve from sporadic high profile cases to just general good practice amongst agencies and their clients. 

How do you think agency models will need to change in order to accommodate this?

The delivery of experience is a stark contrast to the traditional creative model of agencies, there are concrete outputs to deliver, software to be written, hardware, electronics and products to design, create, distribute and maintain etc this takes specific skills that aren’t always present in agencies and even when they are, the ability to manage these resources effectively is not.

What’s the favourite piece of work you've been involved in?

I’m currently working on a project for Cirque Du Soleil, arguably my favourite client here at Sid Lee which involves bespoke wearable hardware and software that was designed and built by myself and the other members of the labs team. Unfortunately I can’t share any of the details because it’s not launched yet, sorry.

What’s the piece of work you wish you had been involved in?

I must admit that as my role has moved towards experience design and further away from traditional marketing, there aren’t many marketing projects that I really wished I’d worked on. I see more inspiration on the kickstarter successes and the startup scene in general and the lab here is full of kickstarted innovation Oculus Rift, Matterform and the like. I‘m currently awaiting the imminent arrival of our bublcam development kits as we have had a project on the back burner for which we think it’ll be ideal. 

What was your experience of working with The Blueprint?

I was approached by The Blueprint for a role in Montreal, not something I’d ever really considered perviously (-35 winters take a great deal of getting used to!). The approach was friendly, the introduction to the client was professional and yet the level of conversation was always warm and informal. The Blueprint always seem to have my personal interests and the client's at heart. There was a clear balance between all parties and the entire process was fairly painless.   

Away from the job, what are your passions?

Not sure I ever really get away from the job because it is my passion. I’m a big gamer, Destiny on PS4 and COD on the Xbox One take up an unhealthy amount of my free time especially when the Canadian winters kick in. I love motorsports, especially F1 and have become obsessed with ice hockey and my local team The Canadiens (go habs go).