What do you think will be the biggest shift in the type of work agencies and brands are producing in 5 years?

On big assignments the borders between different spheres will disappear – consultancies, different types of agencies and other companies will all apply for the same communications marketing assignments, but approach it from different angles. At the same time, the old “bread-and-butter” business will continue to exist – probably longer than many people think.

How do you think agency models will need to change in order to accommodate this?

More flexibility and a better ability to set up teams of experts for the task at hand. 

What’s the favourite piece of work you've been involved in?

Launching the Volkswagen Tiguan with a digital platform in more than 50 countries. 

What’s the piece of work you wish you had been involved in?

Cannot name just one. 

What was your experience of working with The Blueprint?

Getting a new job without knowing before that I wanted a new one.

Away from the job, what are your passions?

Very old-school – books. And a perfect drive on the golf course.