What do you think will be the biggest shift in the type of work agencies and brands are producing in 5 years? 

Audience trust in branded content is increasingly important as the lines between ads and content blur. Authenticity, purpose, emotional resonance and usefulness are all key to engaging audiences. Placement may be less stand-alone, with an increase in integrated, contextual media partnerships such as Netflix’s recent partnership with the New York Times.
There could also be an increase in quality 'brand sponsored' audio as the 4G roll-out improves our listening experience (but I may be biased...) 

How do you think agency models will need to change in order to accommodate this? 

The emphasis on storytelling could create some interesting and unusual hiring, resulting in variations in the traditional creative teams we see in agencies with different disciplines being included in the pairings. 
Agencies have started building entirely new and often silo’d video content departments. Achieving real integration of these teams and their ideas into the wider, more established business can be tricky. I think we’ll see a new model of agency which is more concerned with selling services of content strategy, storytelling and production than building traditional media plans.
The change in who is perceived to be the competition is really interesting. Previously it’s always been the other agency down the road - now the competition includes media platforms like Buzzfeed and Vice who have their own specialist content teams. Could make holding on to your agency talent an interesting challenge! There’s also the rise of media agencies as content producers, who don’t have to make room in an existing 30 second TV ad business for a different content model. And most importantly, have all the data at their fingertips. 
I think agencies could struggle on budgets. The money spent creating video can be a fraction of that spent on a TV ad and doesn’t often require an army of suits in it’s making. Having said that who knows what kind of film we could be making in partnership with brands in 5 years time...

What’s the favourite piece of work you've been involved in? 

I thought the Night Jar by AMV and Somethin’ Else was a truly innovative, creative and highly engaging (terrifying!) piece of work.
I also really enjoyed the creation of the BBC Electric Proms. My ‘involvement' was really tiny (pitching and commissioning the filming companies) but it was great to have any kind of contribution.

What’s the piece of work you wish you had been involved in? 

Too many to mention

What was your experience of working with The Blueprint? 

The Blueprint take the time to understand you and the business you work in. You’ll rarely see a candidate who isn’t the right fit for the role and your team. 

Away from the job, what are your passions? 

Podcasts (apparently that makes me both geeky and archaic), yoga (always injured) and a bunch of stuff even more boring to read about.