Opinion posts

Going all the way

July 29 2015

Our founder, Gareth Moss, was asked by The Drum to report on his favourite talk during the recent Cannes Festival of Creativity.

Be a part of the Agency2020 movement

July 09 2015

Later this year The Blueprint will launch an initiative called Agency2020 to assess, define and debate the shape of agencies today and in the next five years towards 2020.

The Cannes Lions

July 08 2015

Our founder, Gareth Moss, gives his perspective on the relevance of the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity.

People, not technology, drive change

July 29 2014

In the first of our articles with the fantastic DRUM magazine, Gareth, Founder of The Blueprint, talks about how ultimately it is people that drive change and not technology...

Developing our team

June 26 2014

As The Blueprint grows, its important for us to bring in the right people that can help further the aspirations of the company and effect real change within our clients business...