Kamal's Story

October 06 2017

Like every progressive company, The Blueprint has a brand purpose beyond what we do every day.


I’m proud that every time we place a senior hire, we also place a child in need into foster care. In this post, we wanted to raise awareness for helping Syrian refugee children in the UK.


Kamal’s story


It took Kamal seven months to reach Calais after he had to leave his home in Sudan. Crossing through Libya, and managing to board a boat that thankfully made it to Italy, Kamal was just fourteen years old. After arriving in England, he was eventually placed with Laura and her family.


Laura explains, “We saw the Home for Good film about the refugee crisis and it really struck a chord. Kamal came to us a couple of weeks after our approval as foster carers. In the early days we relied on a translation app from his native Arabic, which wasn’t always successful, but he is passionate about learning English and is doing really well.


Our children have welcomed him with open arms and love playing football with him. They argue over who gets to sit next to him at mealtimes. He’s a great cook and we’ve loved trying his food and learning about his culture. Having Kamal in our home has enriched our lives greatly.”


As Kamal continues to thrive in his new home, his application for asylum is ongoing and the outcome will hugely affect his future. He dreams of going to university and becoming an engineer.


The Blueprint has been working with Home For Good to find homes for unaccompanied asylum-seeking children and young people. There are thousands of other children who are not as fortunate as Kamal. If you’d also like to get involved with Home For Good (they need a volunteer from the Marketing Industry to mentor their new Marketing Executive) to ensuring that there are many more positive stories to share in the future from children like Kamal, please get in touch