Doing it on Purpose

April 24 2017

The Blueprint was founded in 2006 as a strategic headhunting business, helping major agencies and brands in London both refresh their core and build capabilities. Where the majority of organisations in this space are used to treating the human part of ‘human resources’ as the commodity, The Blueprint is now taking its industry-renowned specialism beyond employment services.

“I was watching the news with my wife one evening, late last year,” recalled Gareth Moss, Founder and Partner at The Blueprint. “And we were hit with some extremely harrowing imagery of refugee children struggling and fighting for their survival. Believing that we all have a responsibility to be the change we want to see in this world, I knew we had to do something about it.” he said.

"Spending time getting to know people, what motivates them and makes them tick, what they bring to the table and in some cases what they don't, means we have built a network of the world's best progressive senior talent. We treat our clients on both sides of the fence with a huge amount of respect, and what we were seeing with this humanitarian crisis, was quite the opposite."

The Blueprint decided to put its money where its mouth is and developed a partnership with Home for Good, a charity focused on finding homes for the most vulnerable refugee children arriving in the UK.

"We're in the business of placing great people into fantastic environments within which to grow and thrive. Why not expand this model to becoming agents of change beyond our own business?” stated Gareth.

Each time The Blueprint places someone into a client’s business they donate enough funding to ensure a suitable foster home is found for a refugee child.

The Blueprint has recently expanded its own team too, with the appointment of Simon Wylie, former Chief Executive of Contagious, and ex-agency Global Business Director Adam Clarkson, who counts Anomaly, Sid Lee and Holler among former employers. “I’m genuinely excited to be part of an organisation that focuses on making a real difference to the world," says Clarkson, "not only commercially, but by helping those most in need of support, during a time of real need."

This month alone, The Blueprint has already proudly made an overwhelming difference to the lives of two refugee children and will potentially go on to help provide better futures for up to 25 kids per year. “We’re not talking about solving a problem entirely,” offers Clarkson “but to step up and do our bit is what feels increasingly important”.

(Picture credit: Eva Bee)