Brand2020 initiative launched by The Blueprint & The Drum to debate the future for brands

October 04 2016

Brand2020 will provide critical expert analysis, assessment and perspective on industry change and how these affect brand owners; the changes that are happening now, their impact and an expert view from brand leaders on the changes of the future.

Brands need to respond to changing consumer behaviour, media consumption, emerging new technologies and a new media landscape.

The Brand2020 series of roundtable discussions will examine the changes senior brand leadership teams need to make organisationally, culturally and strategically in order to remain relevant.

The first Brand2020 event will take the form of a breakfast on Wednesday 26th October. A specially selected gathering of senior brand leaders will gather to dissect the challenges and opportunities today and towards 2020.

Key areas for discussion at the breakfast will include: The new media and marketing landscape and impact upon brands; Diversity and talent – attraction and retention; Capabilities – buy in or build in-house.

The gathering will bring together the most progressive brand leaders from across Europe and the key findings of the discussion will be reported by The Drum. 

Speaking about the first Brand2020 breakfast, The Blueprint founder, Gareth Moss, said: "Maintaining the integrity of the conversation is critical. Brand2020 breakfasts and Agency2020 breakfasts are held separately to avoid any conflicts of interest and to encourage openness of contribution from both sides. We are seeing transformative times and brand and agencies can be judged by their ability to respond. Working with The Drum to bring these discussions to life has been a fascinating exercise."

Richard Draycott, Associate Editor of The Drum and managing director of The Drum Network, added: "The Drum and The Drum Network strives to sit at the centre of the industry debates that really matter and which are shaping our industry as it moves forward. Our Brand2020 and Agency2020 initiatives are an excellent example of that and serve to bring the sector together to debate how we all face the challenges and opportunities that continual advancement is technology is forcing upon us."

If you would like to be involved in Brand2020 and have experience of change as a senior brand leader, please visit the AgencyBrand2020 landing page for more information or contact Gareth by email.