What is capabilities planning?

June 03 2016

A conversation which continues to grow in frequency is that of how agencies need to grow or add new capabilities.  A strategy which helps take the agency in new directions, evolve new revenue streams and attract new types of clients. In addition to talent search, we offer capabilities planning to our clients.

Most agencies have a solid idea of what they want to be known for, their positioning and ambition, but many get trapped in the lifecycle stages of head down, day to day scramble to scale to service new wins or the scaling back and pitch mode of losing/ replacing accounts.

Our role is to provide an objective, valuable and experienced partner team, providing a lens through which we can help future-proof the agency.

The Blueprint’s approach to developing new capabilities in the agency focus on four areas:

1. Situational Analysis

- Agency vision

- Commercial priorities / objectives

- Agency brand / proposition / vision

- Client sector and business development focus

2. Internal realities

- Culture in the agency today

- Capabilities today

- Process - operational structures and approach

3. Capabilities Planning (change mapping)

- Gap analysis – what internal changes are needed to match your vision

- Specific attention is paid to: Capabilities, Culture, Talent, Process and Proposition

- What does a road map of change look like to achieve our plans?

4. What are the measures/ KPIs and milestones we want to set ourselves to ensure we achieve our goals

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