June 03 2016

In the same way creativity is being redefined in the modern age, so too is diversity. 

But the agency landscape has it own unique and specific requirements and urgently requires a rethink.

It remains a fact that the inhabitants of the advertising industry are predominantly; white, male, middle-aged and university educated.   This poses a number of questions not just for the industry but for the brands they serve. 

How can such a heavily biased group be expected to create a rich and diverse agency environment?  Science and tradition too often dictate a natural propensity to hire people to whom we relate to. 

How can graduate schemes provide agencies with people with diverse backgrounds, especially as post-graduate learning has now become a premium product itself? 

How can parity of pay and reward be addressed from the boardroom down?  How in this age can sex, age or race dictate how much a person is paid? 

The challenge and changes need to take place at every level across the agency. Change will take time, finding a balance between the ultimate levels of diversity and working out what’s right for the DNA of the business being fundamental.