Working Dinners helps to digest agency change

November 13 2015

In the past three months we have established a platform called Working Dinners designed specifically to look at the future of the creative agency landscape.  A landscape we see facing its biggest challenge over the next five years.

The external factors forcing change are apparent but what is less apparent is any unified, confident or positive action from those best placed to bring about change.

Working Dinners is a collaboration between The Blueprint and Contagious.  It's a private gathering of only the most progressive, senior people from agency managements teams across the globe.

Its beginnings are simple and objectives humble.  Create a movement of agency people who discuss, debate but critically take small steps to bring about agency change from within the industry. 

Our most recent dinner covered topics including: The new agency-client relationship, the threat or opportunity of blurred industry lines, risk taking, creative confidence and the threat of traditional consulting firms.

If you would like to be a part of future events, you have a strong opinion and willing to share it, please contact