Apple Watch - are wearables securing the future?

July 09 2015

Jumping two-footed into using new technology can be dangerous for brands and agencies

The hype-cycle of any new product provides opportunities for brand and agencies alike.  But traditionally new opportunities were fewer and more of an assured bet and less of a high-tech gamble.

While I don't believe Apple Watch will be another Google Glass, a considered and measured approach to how fast and how much agencies and brands embrace the next big thing has to be advised.  You only need to look around today to see we are surrounded by potentially disruptive products and new categories from Oculus Rift's virtual reality, wearable tech through to the emergence of the internet of things.

Whether you are looking to capitalise on the emergence of a new market with complimentary or a competitive offer, placing your bet on the right product at the right time is what the most progressive agencies and brands seem to do best. (Most of the time)

Gareth Moss for The Drum